Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun with the Buttars

A few years ago, our really good friends the Buttars moved away. We were so excited they came back to visit us a few months back. Here are a few pictures from their trip. There will be more coming.

They came over General Conference weekend. We had some friends, the Byes, come over too. All the kids were outside playing between sessions and they congregated on the bench in our back yard. We had to take a picture. This is all the kids but the oldest two Nathan and Alex who we couldn't tear away from the Wii.

The next day we went to the arboretum at the University of Washington. All the cherry blossoms were out and it was a beautiful day. This is how the kids entertained themselves while we got everything out of the cars.

Here are some of the cherry blossom trees.

There were lots of sticks and kids love to play with sticks. Here they all have their favorites.

Katie with her best buddy Brooke Buttars

Me, Tiernae Buttars, and Heidi Bye

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